Google Chromebook sales volume ranks ahead of Apple Mac
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According to IDC report, Google low-end laptop Chromebook’s sales volume ranks ahead of Apple Mac laptops for the first time.

IDC predicted that Dell, Lenovo and HP sold about 2 million Chromebooks together, while Apple only sold 1.76 million Macs.

Google Chromebook can fully access to Android applications store Google Play. That’s about 1.5 million Android apps could be run on Chromebooks.

To Apple, it is neither a good news nor a doomsday. The sales performance of Mac has been increased each quarter. Compared with the dispirited sales of PC, Apple has been satisfied with the user share of high end market.

However, the excellent sales of Chromebook made great pressure for Microsoft. Google obtained more user shares and clamped down on Windows 10.

Why people love Chromebook? Chromebook is concise and convenient. It runs with Chrome OS and Chrome OS is almost an internet browser. Much of work is done with browser operation. Thus, Chromebooks received positive feedback.

As less of data is stored on the laptop, users won’t suffer much data loss even though they broke or lost the Chromebook laptops.

Speaking of Chromebook performance, it charges users less than $200. The cheap price and flexibility is welcomed in educational field.

It is compatible with Android apps which makes it more popular. Android is the most popular operating system in the world. Any of software could be run on Android OS or internet. It means that users could do any work on Chromebook or Chrome OS devices.

Though Microsoft attracted some giants to use Windows 10 such as Uber, Facebook and Hulu, its lately operating system did not have as promising eco-system as Google did. More developers prefer to develop apps on iOS and Android OS.

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