Technology executive’s detailed explanation of Google Android Wear’s future
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CNET interviewed Android Wear director David Singleton, Hiroshi Lockheimer who are Android vice president of technology, through interviews we can understand Google’s plans on wearable devices, as well as the place where vendors and developers can better develop Android Wear. In wearable device market, Google has been dressed and ready to go.

The time Android Wear firstly met the world is in March this year, unlike smart phones and tablet PCs system, Android Wear is a tailored operating system designed for wearable devices. Since its launch, it has been used into Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Moto 360.

Wearable device market has great potential, but who can dominates it? The market research firm CCS Insight data shows that, the wearable device shipments in 2013 are 9.7 million, and is expected that by the end of 2014, this figure will jump to 22 million, and by 2018, there will be 250 million wearable equipment being used.

David Singleton said: This year we have a huge goal, that is to meet a need of users, regardless of where they are, they are able to use the Android through the device. Obviously, we have very big advantage in smart phone and tablet PC , and we also have a very good ecosystem, as well as many of our services are running well on Android smart phones and tablet PCs. Therefore, we are fairy excited about the platform we can achieve and the thoughts brought by more development forms.

David Singleton said: To see from the figures, there are already thousands of applications supporting Android Wear were updated to the app store. I have tried some of applications for some time, they do pretty well. For example, one of which application allows users to be able to play the guitar using a smart watch. Although in a sense, this is kind of gimmick, but it also shows that there are a lot of applications in the app store. At the same time, we also see some common applications have started to support Android. For example, Facebook Messenger began to support voice response, WhatsApp Messenger Beta version has a similar function. Therefore, we are very excited about those applications deeply involved in the platform.

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