Deep Freeze Removal Instruction
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Deep Freeze, by Faronics, is a program that provides easy workstation/computer protection. It creates frozen system snapshot, whenever you experience system errors, crash, freeze, you can get the computer fixed by a simple reboot. However, Deep Freeze is not like other normal Windows program, it has no regular uninstall option, many people a confuse how to get it removed from computer. Well, if you are a Deep Freeze user, and you don’t feel like to use Deep Freeze any more, follow the below easy steps to remove Deep Freeze from your laptop/desktop.

1. To uninstall Deep Freeze, you need to first disable this program, here is how:

  • Press Shift on your keyboard, double click Deep Freeze icon at the system tray to open up the Boot Options dialog.
  • If you had set up the password before, the program will require you to enter it before you can open the Boot Options dialog. And then click OK to continue.
  • Select “Boot Thawed” in the Boot Options dialog, click OK to finish the setting.
  • Now Deep Freeze will be disabled in your computer’s next reboot.

2. Uninstall Deep Freeze program.

  • After the reboot, locate the installation setup file of Deep Freeze, double click to open it. (if you forget where you put the file, simply go to Start > Search, use the Windows search function to search for the file name of DF5Std.exe. If the setup file had already been deleted from your computer, go to Deep Freeze official website to download it again.
  • Click the Uninstall option.
  • Once the uninstall process finished, the system will reboot automatically, and then you’ll see Deep Freeze has gone from your computer.

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