Apple might apply Emotient’s AI technology in these fields
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Apple has purchased Emotient, a company uses artificial intelligence to read the emotions of people. Apple has confirmed the news on the Wall Street Journal, but it still not yet sure what Apple is planning after it buys Emotient, but there are lots of predictions about what Apple is going to do with Emotient’s AI tech that can analysis people’s facial expressions and detect their emotions.

“buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”an Apple spokesman said. Thought Apple Inc. is unwilling to disclose the secret, several analysts have given some predictions. The mainstream network media BI has listed the possible fields that Emotient might be applied according to those predictions.

Referring to the resources, the AI technology of Emotient might be applied in these following fields:
1.A real-time prediction about what Apps users may need to use
This prediction is based on what Jan Dowson, the analyst of Jackdaw Research. Apple might use Emotient’s tech to perfect its Siri so that Siri can help users to pick a better application to use. To adopt the technology of expressions analysis, Apple might use the front camera to detect the emotions of users before make a recommendation.

2.Integrate Emotient into Apple’s Health
Apple and Emotient share the same goal in the medical field. So another prediction is that Apple will take the advantage of Emotient’s technology and upgrade Health so that health will be more powerful in detecting the emotional health status.

3.Used for its Apple retailers
Emotient’s technology can make a estimate of the purchasing experiences of consumers and then help Apple’s retailer to make some progress and improvement.

4.Used to judge people’s reaction to Apple’s ads
Ken Deman, the CEO of Emotient carried out such a test and got the result that the tested ad enjoys popularity among women, yet is annoying for men.

There are more predictions related to what Apple is gonna use the AI technology of Emotient. Maybe it will also used in applications, and when users are not so happy with some applications on their Macs, the special technology will recommend some useful tips to uninstall applications on Mac and help Mac users to maintain their devices properly according to their emotions. What a fun!

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