Annoying 13008 Error – How to Fix It
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Some of the iTunes user may encounter 13008 error and don’t know what to do. Normally this error would happen when the computer is unable to run the iTunes properly as some of your system settings went wrong, after a few investigation we figured out that the main cause of this problem is because related dll file of iTunes gone corrupted or damaged, thus the system performance decrease and 13008 error starting to pop-up to prevent you from using iTunes program or other related error. In order to get the iTunes back in function again, you need to fix 13008 error first to allow Windows to process the related setting correctly.

13008 error message: The iTunes Application Could Not be Opened. Unknown Error 13008

Steps to fix error 13008

If the error was caused by file damaged or incorrect setting, we can fix it by reinstalling the iTunes program and repair the registry problems, we have tested this process should help you fix itunes error 13008 most of the time.

First, reinstall the iTunes program

  • Click Start menu, and go to Control Panel.
  • Click on Add/Remove program
  • Highlight iTunes and click Remove button
  • Follow the instruction to uninstall it from your computer.
  • Now visit and download a new copy of iTunes.
  • Run the iTunes setup file to reinstall it in the system.
  • After you finish the installation, locate the iTunes installation folder
  • Right click on its folder and select Properties.
  • In the permission section, click the option of “Allow All”

Second, fix the registry

  • Download a reliable registry cleaner.
  • Install it in your computer and run it after the installation.
  • Run the scan first, and then fix all the found problems.
  • Some of the registry program is free, yet some of them require payment to upgrade to the full version. Usually commercial software/program is much more effective than freeware, you can decide which one you choose according to your financial condition

Normally if you’v done the above steps correctly, the Error 13008

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