Amazon announced holiday sales data, sales for its own products doubled
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Amazon just revealed its sales performance of 2015 Christmas shopping season.The statistics showed, there were over 3 million users registered Amazon Prime service in the third week of December. Amazon freely delivered 200 million items for its Prime users. What’s more, the sales for its own products doubled.

Christmas Eve was the busiest time that Prime Now ever met. The application amount of Prime Video received apparently growth.

The viewing times of videos on Prime Video increased to double on the year-on-year basis. The most popular movie played on Prime Video is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-part 1. This was the first victory during the competition with Netflix. Netflix lost the streaming video right of The Hunger Games in August.

Orange is the New Black and Jessica Jones produced by Netflix made a great hit. The Man in the High Castle produced by Amazon also attracted impressed audio on Prime Video during the Christmas holiday.

Besides the increase of using Prime service, the data indicated users started using this service on mobile devices. Duing this shopping season, 70% of users shopped on the mobile devices. The figures that Prime users used smartphones to shop in US doubled this year. Amazon received double users for its mobile application as well. On Cyber Monday, Amazon dealt with 33 orders from mobile devices each second.

Amazon’s sales for its own products were impressed during this shopping season. The sales volume was doubled (YOY). Amazon Fire was the best seller on its platform, Fire TV Dongle came as third place. These two items along with Echo smart voice box were listed in the top 5 popular items on Christmas Eve on Prime Now.

To those who purchased Echo voice box, they were mainly applying its music feature. Alexa received commands for “Play Music” most frequent. White Christmas was one of the most popular songs played. Echo also received other voice commands, including the one to order meals. Chinese food was the most popular cuisine ordered by Alexa on Christmas Day.

However, Amazon did not reveal the specific figures concern how many new registered Prime users it obtained during the Christmas holiday. It only indicated the user growth for Prime service is sequential.

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