6 Bad Computer Habits of computer users
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Nowadays the society has become much more dangerous than you can imagine, so many criminal activity happens on the internet that bring computer users frustration. I have been working as an IT professional for 8 years, for my experience, there are 7 habits I considered bad for office computer workers.

  • Forget to set password – Password is really important for office works, it is helpful in securing material such as file, documents which is considered private, prevent them from been view or steal by other users who does not have the password.
  • password is too simple – some of the office workers develops a good habit of setting up passwords to protect their working information, however, not everyone is excellent in setting password, what I’m trying to say is, some people creates passwords which is too simple and too easily guessed, like ‘123456’ or ‘112233”, these kind of password is not smart and easily cracked by hackers. A good password should be well-thought-out which combine letters, numbers and sign as well.
  • Place the password too obvious – some people would carelessly write down the password in a sticky-note and place it somewhere near to the computer, and some would type the password in a word or notepad file and named it as ‘password’, these are very unsmart moves.
  • Forget to lock the computer – a computer with no login password is very dangerous, anyone can easily access your computer, steal away files or documents that stored inside and leave without leaving tracks. A good habit is to set a password for computer login, also, it is recommended to lock the screensaver with a password as well, if the screensaver come up automatically, users who want to access to the computer need to enter password, this might be considered annoying but it does secure your computer in a further step.
  • Download things recklessly – The internet is full of recourse (like software, files, video, pictures, etc) that allow computer user to download, however, not every downloadable thing is safe, many users recklessly things from the internet without knowing what exactly they are and the safety of the website, these would give virus or malware program chances to get into your computer and bring you unexpected troubles.
  • Forget to update software – nowadays software is updated much more frequent than you think, if the software you installed is unable to notify you to update, you should check for the update by yourselves regularly on the internet, especially antivirus program, if you don’t update it to the latest version with the latest virus definition, it would lose the ability to detect and remove new released online threats.

The above are 6 bad habit that I think is the most worth-noticing ones, If you have one or several of the above bad habits, start to work on how to correct it, and I believe it would definitely upgrade your computer security level.

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