You might get your parcels in 30 minutes by the end of January in 2016
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Will you be surprised when a drone landing gradually and delivering your package for you in your yard? Well, that maybe sounds fantastic but this dream might be realized before long. Amazon has been working on the package delivery with its Prime Air, a future delivery system designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes, also called drones. It is said that Amazon is currently in talks with several freight companies and strive to make the project launched by the end of January in the coming year.

Delivery parcels with drones allows customers to get their parcels within 30 minutes after they placed orders. This new package delivery will save cost and it is more environment-friendly compared with the traditional package delivery with cars, which cause acoustical pollution.

According to news reported in last month, Amazon is trying to use four airfreighters to improve?dispatching efficiency, and at the same time avoid problems when using the third party delivery such as UPS and FedEx.

Besides, Google is planning to launch Project Wing—the project of delivery with drones, and working on the it to make the project come true in 2017. Even though there are lots of difficulties, there are more and more enterprises even the tycoons in delivery field like DHL, UPS and FedEx are all involved in the trial and test related to drones delivery.

With the developing of drones, customers might be able to get their packages in half an hour after placing the orders. if things work well with Amazon’s Prime Air delivery system, it won’t be long when customers can enjoy a fast parcel delivery. Following Amazon. Google will provide the same service of package delivery by drones in 2017. Can you imagine how life will be like in the future?

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