UninstallService Announces UninstallService 2023 Upgrade for All Users

UninstallService is the go-to app removal solution you should have to completely remove apps on Windows PC and Mac device. It is the most cost-effective app charged at one price for both the state-of-art Windows and Mac uninstallers. UninstallService 2023 is a yearly upgrade available for all UninstallService users at no cost. The newer version is powered app removal capability for thousands of new apps, including some of these apps below.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an excellent player, it is very simple to operate but powerful, it can play many audio video formats, such as MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, Mp3, etc. It can also play files of streaming protocol. VLC Media Player (VideoLAN Client) can play MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, DVD/VCD, digital satellite channels, digital terrestial television channels, network movies over broadband IPv4, IPv6 networks under many operating systems; this software development project was initiated by French students, with participants This software development project was initiated by French students from all over the world and was designed to support multiple platforms and can be used to play network streams and native multimedia files, especially noteworthy is that it can directly play un-downloaded full multimedia files, worth a try. VLC is the only player in the industry that can compete with Mplayer for the title of “King of Players”. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, BeOS, Solaris, QNX, iOS Syllable, and all network platforms, and can play basically every file format on the video planet today. It is the first playback software with hardware gas pedals on Windows, Linux, and Mac service platforms.


PotPlayer is a free multimedia system video player created by Daum, a large Korean portal, for the group’s TV bar/play bar/live bar. It integrates playback, video ratings, news media sharing and live chat. Embedded DXVA1/2 source support MPEG1/2(IDCT/MoComp), WMV2(MoComp), WMV3(IDCT/MoComp), VC1(IDCT/MoComp/VLD), H.264/AVC1(VLD) hardware gas pedals. The current stage is only in the design phase, and the various roles have been gradually improved. With powerful hardware acceleration, full support for smooth HD video playback, clean interface, simple operation, easy to use and colorful skins, it can meet the needs of different users.


Bandicam is a powerful and easy to use video recording software for screen recording, game recording and video recording, which is more superior than other software. Compared with other software, the size of the video recorded with Bandicam is smaller and the quality of the original file is guaranteed. Download the free version and record up to 10 minutes of video with a (www.BANDICAM.com) watermark. If you purchase a Bandicam license, you will be able to use the full version without feature limitations forever.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is an image processing software that can rival Photoshop. It has a number of very technical and professional image preparation special tools, including image cropping, exposure and a variety of post-production processing of images. Affinity Photo is a technical professional photo editing software for professionals with very powerful features. Affinity Photo is based on the criteria of extraordinary performance. It is a very important professional image tool, based on the criteria of extraordinary performance, reliability, power and never complicated and flimsy. Adjust the color of your photos, rotate, crop, adjust the magnification with practical effects, frame, and make artistic graffiti on your photos. The color adjustment options include color, contrast, contrast, and chroma. In addition, Affinity Photo presents a wide variety of practical effects for your photos, including gamma calibration, fully automatic contrast, fully automatic color balance, blurring, sharpening, oil-soluble architectural paint, sketching, black and white.

UninstallService 2023 offers you all the features to completely get rid of all things of the unwanted apps. You can get both UninstallService.com’s Windows & Mac uninstallers at an incredible price, and use them forever.

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