Why Use Trash Always Possible Failed to Uninstall Caffeine?

Have trouble when uninstall Caffeine on Mac by using trash? Don’t know what to do except using Trash to remove something? Here I think you can find a batter answer of it.

As a common method to remove app on Mac, Trash might seem to be super easy to most of users: drag it into trash on Dock straightly, no matter you drag the icon of Caffeine on Dock or in Finder>>Application or in Launchpad, it is quite simple operation can do that.

But do you know that is only a half of removal procedure on Mac, the other half of it is the point of completely removing Caffeine.

First of all, you should know the feature of Trash can only delete the external data include icon from Mac, but the files and components associated with Caffeine are still stored in hard drive, that why you can uninstall it cleanly by only using Trash. There would be lots of leftovers and junk files left on the Mac system. Therefore, you should go to the related folders and delete all of the associated files one by one. In a word, when users delete the correct files and folders restored in different location on your computer accurately is super difficult, especially for those new users.

Usually, you have to go to these folders to find the relevant files on macOS:


Still, attention, different apps may have different location to restored their files on your Mac, so you see how difficult to delete them all.

Therefore, it is better delete them all by auto, it means some tool will delete them for you, you don’t need to find them one by one by yourself, and all you need to do is easily click couple of option when remove Caffeine for Mac. Osx Uninstaller, a professional uninstaller, which was created for Mac is absolutely can do that for you with ease, here you can learn more to uninstall Caffeine from Mac.

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